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Startup incubator with the highest rated mentoring in Oregon*

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Office Space

Entrepreneur Tools and Videos
West side location, Free parking, Bus and train access, Lower startup taxes

OTBC is an incubator for tech startups. We help entrepreneurs start companies by providing affordable office space with opportunities to learn from other resident startups, from our entrepreneur workshops, and from our coaching and mentoring. OTBC has a strong track record of helping companies start, launch, raise funding, and grow.

If OTBC sounds like a fit for you, visit us, contact us, or find out how to apply to become a resident.

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* PSU Oregon Founders Study.  Read more.

OTBC Events

OTBC: Assess your Startup - A Checklist, Dec 11, 2014
Alt text Attend in person, or watch the live video.

This seminar is for entrepreneurs and angel investors.

What's the status of your startup? Have you made mistakes or skipped steps that will cause problems down the road? How close are you to being investor ready? What should your priorities be in the next 3 months?

A self-assessment can be an invaluable tool to provide you with insight to the above questions. Better yet, assess your startup with the help of an experienced entrepreneur mentor (we can help with that!).

In the "Assess your Startup" workshop, we'll walk you through the detailed OTBC Startup Assessment checklist. You'll learn how to assess how your startup is doing across a list of important criteria that investors will consider when considering an investment in your company. Whether or not you are pursuing an investment round, a self-assessment will help bring some piece of mind that your startup is on-track and you haven't missed any critical activities. Learn more.

When: Thursday, Dec. 11, 4pm-5:30pm

OTBC: Assess your Startup - A Checklist (video), Dec 11, 2014

OTBC: Lunch 2.0 at OTBC in January!, Jan 21, 2015
Alt textOTBC is hosting Lunch 2.0 on January 21, 2015. Come check out the new OTBC facility! We're close to MAX and easy to get to by car.

At our first Lunch 2.0 in 2010 (when we were located next-door in The Round and about 80 feet from the Beaverton Central MAX stop) we had more than 80 attendees. We'll see if we can match that this time!

When: January 21, 11:30am to 1pm

Where:OTBC, 3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR (Directions)
Register at

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