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About Google+ and Google Hangouts

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Google is strongly promoting Google+, Google Hangouts, and YouTube.  Since Google also happens to be a popular search engine, it turns out that using all the above helps your search engine ratings.  If you'd like to understand all this better - and how you might leverage it in your business - join us for the free seminar Friday at 1pm

2014 saw a paradigm shift in how the Google web functions for us, with us.  Google has changed the focus from your site, to you and what you do online daily.  Those changes serve business owners in ways the Internet didn’t,couldn’t, just two  years ago. Authorship gives you full credit for your words, your brand, your work... If you know how to write, share and engage on Google+.
Join us for a fast-paced primer on Google’s amazing platform.  Learn how it works and why it is an essential part of your business in 2014.
Presenter: John Ellis. John is a mad scientist on the web. He translates geek into English helping small business owners leverage the power of the modern Web to build their brands, get more clients, and sell more products. After 20 years in technology, web development, and SEO he is excited to live in a time where the web is about people and their content, not the sites they put it on. When not learning, writing, coaching and engaging about the web, John enjoys everything else around him.
You can attend at OTBC or via live Google Hangout - for the latter, sign up and we'll send you the online link when we have it.  
What: About the Google+ / Google Hangouts platform
When: Friday, April 4, 1pm
Where: At OTBC and online via Google Hangout
Price: Free
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