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Startup Stories

VersaPub: Targeting eBook Publishing

Sorry - we've had to CANCEL this event

When: Tuesday, Jan. 30, 4pm

Where: OTBC, 8305 SW Creekside Pl, Beaverton, OR



Past Programs in the Series:

How to Raise a Seed Round Before you have a Product

Fund raising for your start up can be tough. It's even tougher when you're trying to fund raise before you have a working prototype in customers' hands. Our usual advice: a working prototype is one of the prerequisites for raising a seed round.

But AutoAp Inc. CEO Mark Paul beat the odds by raising a substantial seed round with a user interface demo, but not a working prototype. How did he do it? He will reveal all in our Dec. 3 “Startup Stories” interview. So if your struggling with your funding plan, you're sure to pick up some helpful pointers at this event!



How to Grow a Startup Without Investors
  and Why that's a Good Idea 

Join us for an interview with OTBC resident startup Membean. Founders Ragav Satish and Micah Elliott will talk about the challenges and advantages of growing a startup without investor funding.

Membean is growing without investors, and successfully tackling the K-12 education to help students expand their vocabulary. We'll be interviewing founders Ragav Satish and Micah Elliott.

Membean provides guided, engaging, multimodal vocabulary instruction with an Adaptive Reinforcement Engine that helps students retain what they learn.  Their current focus is middle schools and high schools.  Their online service is in use at over 180 schools.  

Size: 4 people. Market: SAAS for K-12 schools. Stage:  
                                                    Revenue producing customer base.



How to Win Two Angel Conferences
  and close $5 million in grant funding

Join us for an interview with OTBC resident Sonivate Medical - CEO David Starr and CTO Scott Corbett to learn how they won not one but two angel investment conferences, and obtained $5 million in grant funding.

Sonivate Medical makes a miniturized ultrasound transducer — the unit a medical technician usually holds in their hand. This transducer is so small, that it wraps around a finger — you don't have to hold it at all!

So what has Sonivate accomplished? A lot!

  • They have received FDA approval.
  • They won both the Bend Venture Conference and the Willamette Angel Conference last year.
  • They have more than $5 million in SBIR grant funding from the US army!
  • They are starting their first small-lot production build, and are about to start generating revenue.

Join us on October 31, 2013, to hear Sonivate’s story.

How to Build a Business in the iOS App Store 

Building a business in the App store is not easy. We'll talk to Motivated Apps founder Rich Clem about what it takes.

Rich's business is in the health-related category, and will share what he's learned in building his business.

How do you get into the app store in the first place? How do you get noticed, above the almost 1 million other apps?  What business models seem to work best?  Is it possible to build a lifestyle business in the app store?  What does it take to build a growth business?

We'll ask Rich those questions - and we hope you'll bring your questions too!

This event is part of the "Startup Stories" series at OTBC that features OTBC resident and graduate startup companies.  So bring your questions, and we'll all learn more about how to build a mobile app business.


Ramp Sales and Get Acquired

At this Startup Stories event, Jonathan Mann, founder of Sublime Learning, will tell the story of how he started Sublime in the K-12 education market, built an organization, developed a product, created success stories, ramped sales, and successfully negotiated an acquisition agreement.  Jonathan knows from first hand experience the challenges of building a SAAS education company, and of going through an acquisition process.  We'll ask him about those experiences and more.  And we hope you bring some questions to!

When: Tuesday, Jan. 21, 4pm

Where: OTBC, 8305 SW Creekside Pl, Beaverton, OR

Cost: $10

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