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Does Your Company Own its Intellectual Property?

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Protect your IP


If you haven't covered the right bases, your company may not own the intellectual property that will be critical for the company's success - and critical to be "investable".  The video discusses some of the most important things any early stage startup should do to make sure the company owns its intellectual property.  At the roundtable, we'll tackle whatever entrepreneur related questions you have!



Watch our video on Make Sure you Own your IP online (it's live now) for free: click here

Discuss Make Sure you Own your IP at our Thursday, Aug. 29  Roundtable discussion Use the "Register now" link.

What: Protect your Intellectual Property -  Roundtable discussion
When: Thursday, Aug. 29 4pm
Where: OTBC (directions)
Cost: Roundtable discussion: $10    video: free!

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