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Pitch for Cash, on March 3

Legal Clinic, on March 12

Founders Seeking CoFounders, Sep 18, 2015
Team photo Looking for cofounders? Give a 1 minute pitch about your business, and what kinds of people/skills you need. Looking for a startup to join or help? Come to listen and network - or give a 1 minute pitch on what you can add to a startup! We hope you can join us on Sep. 18.

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OEN/OTBC Startup 411-How to Start, Sep 29, 2015
Alt text Got an idea for a startup, but don't know where to start? This workshop will provide an overview of local resources, along with a checklist of steps to take as you build out your plan.

What you'll learn: how to validate a market need and business model, how to test product-market fit, how to protect your company and your intellectual property, and what types of funding are available to early stage startups.

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Could a PSU Capstone Team Help Your Startup?, Oct 05, 2015

Would you like free business consulting services to help you launch your business? At this brown-bag lunch Bill Jones, Ph.D. (PSU Capstone Coordinator) will explain how it works.

SBA offers to eligible clients business consulting services that are designed around your needs and goals. A team of senior business school students work with you over a term (11 weeks) to research, investigate, analyze and develop strategic recommendations that will allow you to move forward with your business. They will work in many areas including marketing, finance, accounting, HR, management, supply chain, and advertising.

PSU is confident that their program will bring value to your business because past clients say so. Their client experience surveys from over 250 clients (95% response rate) show:

84% reply that the student work meets their project goals,
81% reply that the project is high quality,
94% reply they would participate in the program again, and
90% reply they would recommend the program to another client.

Best of all services are entirely free of charge despite clients rating the value of the services they receive at an average of $3,200.

Hope to see you there

  • When:* Oct. 5, 2015, noon-1pm
  • Cost:* Free
  • Where:* OTBC, 3800 SW Cedar Hills Pkwy, STE 260, Beaverton

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